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Chair Yoga with Rachel

Keeping Seniors Strong, Mobile and Independent

Donation Based Classes

 I am currently offering classes via Zoom on

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 am EST until further notice. 

A recording of class will be available for those that are unable to make the 10.00 am time slot.

You do not need to book these classes, however you MUST have completed a waiver (one time only). You can sign the waiver HERE

I will send a link the night before each class to all those that have signed a waiver.

Starting on Aug 1, 2020 I will be charging for my online classes by donation only - please pay whatever you are able to. A link to donate will be included in the email you receive, and donations may be made per class, weekly or monthly, whatever is easiest for you.

If you prefer to pay by check, please email me for my home address.

** All New - Individual Classes **


I am excited to be able to start offering individual sessions via Zoom.

These are a great option if you would like to focus on a particular area (such as balance, strength, posture etc.) or if you would simply like an individual session.

Rates for individual sessions are:

$30 for 30 minutes

$45 for 45 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

If you are interested in booking an individual session, please contact me by email or phone and we can discuss a suitable time and exactly what you want to get out of the session so that I can tailor a program that will make the most of our time together.

** Teaser for my new Chair Yoga DVD! **


I am excited to share highlights from my new Chair Yoga DVD that was released in March, 2020.


Filmed during one of my classes at the Estuary Council of Seniors in Old Saybrook, you will be able to follow me and take a class in the comfort of your own home. Divided in chapters so that you can play the entire DVD or skip to the part you want to focus on!


$1.00 from each copy sold will be donated to The Estuary Council of Seniors to help continue their work in the community.


Click on Purchase DVD or Stream DVD or contact me for details of how to purchase a copy for yourself or a loved one.

Specializing in high quality yoga instruction for seniors

Chair Yoga, Therapeutic Adaptive Yoga,

Parkinson's Disease, other movement disorders 

& Fall Prevention

Chair yoga/yoga provides many benefits for seniors or those with limited mobility, including: 


  • Improved posture 

  • Increased range of motion 

  • Restores joint mobility & flexibility 

  • Helps with stress relief 

  • Strengthens joints & muscles 

  • Improves foot health 

  • Improved mental ability


Yoga easily adapts to the varied levels of fitness & flexibility of seniors. A simple straight backed chair can be used to help provide support, allowing anyone to participate & gain the enjoyment of regular exercise. When done in a small group setting this has the added benefit of creating a great environment to make new friendships.

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