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** Teaser for my new Chair Yoga DVD! **


I am excited to share highlights from a new Chair Yoga DVD that will be released shortly!


Filmed during one of my classes at the Estuary Council of Seniors in Old Saybrook, you will be able to follow me and take a class in the comfort of your own home. Divided in chapters so that you can play the entire DVD or skip to the part you want to focus on!


$1.00 from each copy sold will be donated to The Estuary Council of Seniors to help continue their work in the community.


Check back soon for details of how to purchase a copy for yourself or a loved one, including an option to watch online.

Starting in January the cost of the class card will increase to $75.00 

Drop in rate will remain at $8.00

Upcoming Workshops

Friday 21st February

10.30 am

Yoga for Chronic Pain


Learn how gentle yoga breathing and mindfulness can help those living with chronic pain.  

Wear comfortable clothing

10.30 – 11.30 am

At the Estuary Council of Seniors in Old Saybrook

 $8.00 drop in or you can use a class card if you have one

Call 860-859-7217 or email yogakeepsmefit@gmail.com to register

Specializing in high quality yoga instruction for seniors

Chair Yoga, Therapeutic Adaptive Yoga,

Parkinson's Disease, other movement disorders 

& Fall Prevention

Chair yoga/yoga provides many benefits for seniors or those with limited mobility, including: 


  • Improved posture 

  • Increased range of motion 

  • Restores joint mobility & flexibility 

  • Helps with stress relief 

  • Strengthens joints & muscles 

  • Improves foot health 

  • Improved mental ability


Yoga easily adapts to the varied levels of fitness & flexibility of seniors. A simple straight backed chair can be used to help provide support, allowing anyone to participate & gain the enjoyment of regular exercise. When done in a small group setting this has the added benefit of creating a great environment to make new friendships.


Come to class on your birthday and enjoy a complimentary session*

* Applies to Old Saybrook sessions only

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