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Letting Go

This past year or so I am sure I am not alone in contemplating my home & belongings. I know there has been a big move to minimise our "stuff" only keeping what we truly need & enjoy in our lives and homes.

Donation centers have been overwhelmed with our cast off belongings. I have found the local "Buy Nothing" groups on FaceBook a great way to pass on unwanted but still useful items to our local community while having the added bonus of keeping items out of the landfills. Recycling is the way to go. It is much easier to let go of items when you know they will be used & appreciated by others.

So how does this fit into yoga?

There is a word Brahmacharya within yoga's ethical practice which means non excess. Brahmacharya reminds us to enter each day & each action with a sense of holiness rather than indulgence.

Non excess can be applied to the food we eat, our belongings that we hold on to & the busyness of our lives.

What are you holding on to? What can you let go of?

HERE is an interesting article about minimizing our stuff.

This is something I really enjoy doing & in the past have often helped friends clear out closets & garages. Letting go of my own sentimental items can sometimes be more of a challenge.

I find that clutter distracts me & creates stress in my life, while a clear & ordered space creates a feeling of peace & productivity. How about you?

Over a year ago my mother in the UK went into a care home, something she chose as living on her own was too much of a challenge. She was fortunate to find a wonderful place & moved in just before Covid hit. Thank goodness, otherwise she would have been totally isolated & health wise probably would not have survived.

What surprised me most was how easily she let go of the many hoarded possessions she had acquired. Only taking a few special items with her. Calling in a company to clear out everything else & sell it. Although at the time this made me a little sad, I would have loved a few special books of hers or items from our childhood. In the end I realized it's only stuff, we can't take it with us & I am sure many of her items are now proudly displayed & bringing joy in other people's homes.

Keep what brings you joy, let go of the rest.

Let me know if this resonates with you.

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