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Quotes/Advice for Life/Aging

Here are just a few "advice" quotes from some of my lovely seniors, enjoy

"Don't think of age as getting older but as living longer"

EG age 86 Old Saybrook CT

"Change what you can, accept what you can't & move on. Look for the positive"

TD age 66 CT

"Not advice exactly but a warning! The hard-won connection between ones's age and one's condition does fade. There is a "disconnect" between reality and self awareness. But sometimes that's a help"

Sandra age 74 Essex CT

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

Pat age 68 East Lyme CT

"You need to take care of yourself before you can help others"

SP age 76 East Lyme CT

"The way opens before us"

GK age 78 Old Saybrook CT

"Carpe Diem" (an exclamation, to urge us to seize the day, to make the most of the present time & give little thought to the future)

Larry D age 87 Old Saybrook CT

A Indian Poem - "I am feeling very lonely away, I am singing about myself"

JS East Lyme CT

"Relax and enjoy life - even if it means being late to yoga! It is what it is, make the best of it"

(late) Lyn age 81 Middlesex CT

This was from a very special lady who was often late to yoga as she got so caught up in the moment watching the birds on a lake from her window, she loved animals especially dogs & horses, a wonderful lady, I miss seeing her,

"Stay active, have fun, enjoy life"

ES age 88 CT

"Wear bright socks & enjoy all the positive comments" I told him this was a sign of intelligence & confidence, as seen on a morning news show, so it must be true !!

This quote was from a man with great sense of humor who seemed to wear a different pair of amazing socks each week to class.

Ralph age 91 Old Saybrook CT

"Never let the buggers grind you down"

Brian Hale age 78 Lincoln England - an extra special person as he's my dad, this was his first thought when I asked him for a quote I could use.

"If you sit you rust"

IKD age 70 Old Saybrook CT

"Who is that old lady in the mirror?"

CT East Lyme CT

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