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So many little miracles

A yogi who has not been able to make it to class for a long time until yesterday just called me at home. What a wonderful phone call, she has the autoimmune disease M.S. & has trouble with strength, muscle tone & balance as well as stiffness in her joints. M.S. can be a debilitating disease. However today I caught the excitement in her voice, she had called to thank me so much for what I had done for her yesterday. What did I do? I wasn't sure, I had welcomed her back to class & then taught as usual. However, today she had far less stiffness, was walking so much better with a new strength & ease that she hadn't had in a long time.

When she arrived at class yesterday she almost turned around & went home as she felt she was in too bad a shape to be in class (she was there using a walker) happily she stayed & was overwhelmed with the welcome & love she received from others in the class, we have other who use walkers so she did not feel out of place. The yoga room wherever it is situated is a place where all are welcome & all can help their bodies heal. She assures me she will be coming regularly to class to help with her M.S. This is why I love what I do, I truly love my senior yogis & love it even more when I hear everyday little miracles like this. A small thing to some but if it's your body/mind/spirit that needs help it's a huge thing. I was happy to share in her joy & excitement & celebrated with her.

Truly this was the magic of doing yoga.

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