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So many little miracles

Doing yoga can & often will lift your spirits & improve your mood, making you feel happier & more fulfilled. Recently a lovely senior yogi arrived at class to tell me quietly that she would probably be leaving early as she was having such an awful morning. Her daughter had encouraged her to go to yoga & to try & forget about her troubles for an hour.

I told her that she was free to leave whenever she felt she needed to but encouraged her to enjoy being with her yogi community who are so kind & supportive.

I kept an eye on her throughout class & was surprised that she had stayed for the entire class. After class she was her usual chatty & outgoing self & thanked me for helping her survive her day. I think she did more than survive her day, she was now embracing it. By coming to class despite her feelings she showed up for herself & as able to receive the healing power of yoga & community. Don't give up on your day if it's not going so well, show up for yourself & others. With much love on this chilly Monday morning.

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