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So many little miracles

A new yogi of 82 years joined us today, the first time she had ever done yoga. She had decided to give it a try after hearing that we do not get up & down from the floor in this particular class. She joined in most of the class & manged some of the standing positions including practicing getting up & down from the chair. I assured her she would get stronger the more she practiced & all the movements were very functional & would help her in her everyday life. She was impressed at how much "more alive" she felt after the breath work we did & how much more energetic she felt. There were many moves we did that were the same or similar to the ones she had done in physical therapy but much more enjoyable as part of class. She assured me that she would be returning. Yoga really is a win for the mind, body & spirit. Feeling more alive is definitely a good reason to do yoga.

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