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So many little miracles

An important but rarely talked about issue which can affect any age but especially as we get older is bladder control. Most chair yoga sessions we do at least two exercises several times through that work on our pelvic floor strength.

Mostly we laugh a little as I count slowly for the time that we contract these muscles to make sure we give them a good opportunifty to strengthen.

Several people have commented that they have noticed an improvement & on seeing a physical therapist one lady was told to keep doing what is doing as well as a few extra exercises given at that appointment.

Yoga works the internal body parts as well as the muscles we can see.

My favorite move for this is to stand with feet nice & wide, toes out at 11& 1 o’clock, knees bent & pretending we have a hula hoop around our waist or are dressed in a little grass skirt. (This always brings smiles) then we swivel our hips, moving the pelvis to keep our imaginary hoop up around our waist. It's so important to make exercising fun.

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