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So many little miracles

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Building strong bones - we all know that one of the many benefits of doing yoga is helping to build strength in our bones. Recently one of my long time yogis shared with me that at a recent drs appointment she learned that her bone strength had indeed improved, she no longer had osteoporosis. How amazing is that, especially in an older adult to receive this news. Yes she will still be attending yoga, we can’t stop exercising or we will lose the benefits it provides much faster than we gain them, which although true always seems more than a little unfair to me. Such is life, we need to keep moving, keep pracatising balance & strength posesseniorstrength seniorstrength to maintain & gain.

Yogis, we are all in this together, keep moving, keep having fun while strengthening those bones, your body will thank you. Here‘s a fun photo below of warrior two, a pose we do often in class & a great move for muscle & bone strength. I hope to see you in classs soon.

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