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So many little miracles

A pain in the neck! I am sure many of us have had a stiff, sore neck, I know I can certainly relate. Within the past two weeks I have had two ladies come to class with this problem. One lady is finding her way, her confidence & strength again as she tries chair yoga as a way of improving her balance after a particularly devastating & traumatic fall where among others things she broke her neck. Following doctors orders she sought out chair yoga. She has found renewed confidence, strength & comfort while taking class, learning to move gently & relax enough to release much of the tension in her neck, back & shoulders. She is learning to come to terms with moving at a slower more deliberate pace because of her injuries, while making new friends at class & regaining confidence to navigate her way in this new phase in her life. We often end class with neck exercises & stretches which has really helped her with the discomfort. The same goes for the second lady with a sore neck who tried out class just yesterday & noticed relief by the end of class, she was so delighted & excited she shared the news before heading home. It's so thrilling to see how lives can be changed for the good in such small ways. I love my job & the magic of yoga.

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