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So many little miracles - Finding balance

Finding balance can have several meanings, there's finding balance in our lives between our work & home life, time with family & friends & making time for taking care of ourselves, time for play & having fun (really important) time to reflect on our lives & work out what is most important to us at any given period in our lives so that we can make changes if we need to.

There's also finding balance as in making our bodies stronger, working those leg, ankle & core muscles so that we can feel safe in our everyday lives.

Several of my chair yogis this week have shared with me how much they need to work on their balance & also how much their balance has improved since taking yoga classes. We have a lot of fun together, where else can you laugh & joke your way through practicing getting out of a chair multiple times if not in a class with lots of other like minded & joyful people? Where else can you have fun being challenged to stand on one leg, starting with a few seconds & working your way up, noticing how your body changes day by day? These exercises if your working on them on your own at home can often seem like just another thing to get done but in a class we connect with each other, share small snippets of our lives & challenge each other, help each other, show care & compassion at difficult life stages. For myself as well as many of the incredible men & women that come to class we are not just doing yoga we are building a community, strengthening bonds with each other as we strengthen our bodies.

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