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So many little miracles - making memories

Today after class a beautiful yogi of 88 years chatted at some length with me, she was so excited that this coming Friday she would be travelling back to Ireland to visit her family, in particular seeing her brother to celebrate his 82nd birthday. (She is Irish & has lived as a citizen in the USA for sixty years)

This trip is a huge deal for a lot of older people, especially at 88 years young. However, I had forgotten my conversation with this lady a few months ago, she had seemed really down that day & had confided that she would love to visit her home country of Ireland one more time & see remaining family & friends but felt she was too old to travel. At the time I thought I had just made a throw away comment, "hey if you are healthy & fit enough to travel & it's on your wish list, just do it, make the most of the time you have & go for it" apparently she took me at my word & leaves this week with her daughter accompanying her. Her excitement was contagious, she is just so excited to see her brother again, it has been four years since her last adventure & she can't wait to taste the full Irish breakfast (which she described to me in detail) & of course for a Irish pub lunch & smoked fish.

My heart is full, we never know how our words & energy that we carry with us every day can & will effect others.

She is looking forward to sharing her adventures with the class on her return & thinking ahead to making another trip to Ireland for her 90th birthday! Why not, what is your dream?

Go for it.

How do you choose to show up?

How do you choose to engage with the world?

How do you choose to make a difference (even though you may never realize the full implications)

How will you help create a world that works?


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