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We all know we need to work on increasing strength in our bodies. Stronger bones, stronger muscles & a stronger mind to help us continue to enjoy the life & activities we enjoy.

Yoga is one of the best exercises we can do to both increase & retain our strength.

It's not always easy, we have to show up for ourselves & put in the work. The good news is that when we practice yoga it works!

I was so excited to hear Mary share in class this week how much stronger she has grown since taking classes via Zoom. She is now able to get out of chairs without any assistance.

This is a huge marker of how much we can change our bodies. It doesn't always have to be a big investment of our time, a regular practice, even a few minutes a day doing strength work can make a noticable difference over time.

How has yoga helped change your body? It's always amazing to hear your stories, hit reply to let me know.

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