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We are all special

We are all special & can all make a difference in this world. Recently in class I had made sure I saved a particular seat for an older gentleman, he has trouble walking & uses a cane but can still enjoy the benefits of chair yoga. He was so happy to see that his seat was available & I helped him get settled & took his jacket. At the end of class I held the door open for him & told him well done in class today. He was so filled with joy it warmed my heart, he told me "you make me feel like I am important" to which I replied "that is because you are, you're very important" He left class with a beaming smile & feeling like he mattered in this busy & often crazy world. It often doesn't take much, a smile, holding a door open, saying thank you etc. There are many small way to show people that they matter & in doing so we show ourselves that we are also important.

The text below comes from the book Today I Will by James Downton Jr.

"We are less important than we would like to be .but also far more special than we realize. Today, I will think about my place in the universe. I will see how very small I am in that vastness, then I will realize that there will never be another person like me in the universe ever. This awareness will make me feel humble and very special"

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