About Me

My name is Rachel, I am an E-RYT 200 instructor with many years of experience both practicing and teaching yoga.  My certification is through Yoga Fit.  Amongst other additional trainings I have also completed a 100-hour yoga therapy certification.  


I trained as a Fitness Instructor in the UK before moving to the US in 2003, my focus is now on Chair Yoga and fall Prevention for seniors and those with disabilities. 

I am constantly amazed at the difference yoga makes to the lives of my senior yogis, many of whom are in their eighties and nineties and are still committed to their yoga practice.  I have truly found my calling in life.


My approach to a healthy lifestyle is based on the belief that each person is unique.  We all matter, and I genuinely care for all my clients and love what I do. Yoga is for everyone.


Chair Yoga


I decided to focus on Chair Yoga/Yoga for seniors after subbing for a few classes & being truly amazed at how much difference the sessions made in the lives of the people taking them. This was nine years ago and I am still teaching that same class I subbed for back then.  Many clients were seeing huge improvements in balance & mobility in only a few weeks of taking classes, some felt the improvements after only one session.

I have both men & women in my classes, all of which enjoy the benefits to the mind, body & spirit that yoga can bring.


These sessions make yoga available to those who are not able/choose not to get up & down from the floor. All poses are done in a chair with an optional  fifteen - twenty minutes or so of balance work done standing, using the chair for support. For those that choose to stay seated there are other movements as options.


We always start each session with focusing on our breath & calming the mind & end with relaxation & a short meditation, all part of the healing process of yoga.


Early in 2014 I had to have unexpected surgery & I relied heavily on my knowledge of Chair Yoga to help me regain my strength & heal.

Not an easy experience, but I can now appreciate more where my clients are coming from & how frustrating it can feel to lose the strength & abilities that you once had.


I truly believe that a regular yoga practice can make a huge difference in anyone's health & wellness, I would recommend it to anyone with a wide variety of health issues. 

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  • Reiki Master/Teacher

  • YogaFit™ Instructor - 200hr E-RYT - YogaFit

  • YogaFit™ Intensive - Rishikesh, India - YogaFit™

  • YogaFit™ Prenatal Yoga - YogaFit™

  • YogaFit™ Kids Yoga - YogaFit™

  • YogaFit™ Senior Yoga - YogaFit™

  • YogaLean™ Yoga for Weight Loss - YogaFit™

  • YogaSweat Heated Yoga - YogaFit™

  • Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery - Veterans Yoga Project

  • PiYo™ Instructor - PowderBlue Productions

  • Exercise & Fitness / Gym - Level 2 - Central YMCA, England

  • Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance - Oregon Research Institute

  • 100 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification.

  • YogaFit  Cancer care & Recovery - YogaFit 

  • YogaFit  Warriors - This trauma-­sensitive yoga workshop zeros in on the effects of Post-­Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma Brain Injury on the mind, body, and spirit, and how yoga can help.

  • YogaFit Yoga for Chronic Pain 

  • Certifications

  • Adult CPR & First Aid - American Red Cross

  • Heartsaver Adult/Child AED - American Heart Association