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Preventing Falls

This subject has always been important to me as working with seniors for the last eight years I help to keep them strong to help prevent falling. Over the years many of my seniors have had falls, some serious, some not so serious. However even a fall without injury can make you fearful of certain activities fearful of going out & socializing which can lead to anxiety, isolation & depression.

Last week in just one of the four classes I teach each week, five people were absent due to injuries from falls, some were severe resulting in broken bones. All of these ladies had fallen in their own home. Fifty five percent of falls happen in our homes, seventy percent of those happen in the bathroom, fortunately awareness is key & yes there is good news that there are many steps we can all take whatever our age to keep ourselves & our families safe in our homes.

I have created a new page on my website called Fall Prevention, a link is below.

The list is by no means exhaustive, please let me know if you have taken other measures not yet listed, I'm sure there are plenty.

Stay strong & safe fellow yogis, take the safety measures you need to in your own homes.

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