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"Sit up straight" - you may grow taller!

Do you remember your mother ever telling you to sit up straight? I certainly do, I even tell my own now adult children the same thing. Now that I have the knowledge of being a yoga teacher & know how important it is to lengthen your spine & sit tall as it is so important for continued good posture I continually have the desire to tell even complete strangers to sit up straight! I am not sure how that would go down so I do my best to keep quiet.

At a class recently one regular yogi told me how while at her annual physical, when measured her doctor told her she had actually grown an inch. Had she actually "grown?" probably not but because she had become so aware of her posture through taking class she now measured in a little taller & as we age every little counts.

We practice bringing awareness to our spine several times in each class with the idea being that we will continue this awareness outside of class. During class we can actually see ourselves lengthening as we focus that awareness. So whatever you are doing right now I challenge you to sit up a little straighter, lengthen your spine, see & feel yourselves grow taller.

Grow a little in mind body & spirit everyday.


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