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So many little miracles

The benefits of yoga can & often do stretch to enabling those that practice to lower their blood pressure & even reduce or come off some medications. This happened with one of my yogis who had been coming regularly to classes. He was so excited to tell me he had come off of medications he had been taking for high blood pressure. This is a testament to yoga, those that practice yoga regularly usually begin to take more care of themselves, listen to their bodies more and often make small changes leading to a healthier diet. Although taking the class will help to build strength the benefits of yoga don't stop there. Over time many people that practice yoga begin to eat less meat or even switch to a plant based diet with all of it's health benefits. We also become more aware of our bodies & when we have had enough to eat, rather than just eating mindlessly we start eating more mindfully, perhaps even asking ourselves if we really want that next serving of food & cut back on the less unhealthy fats & sugars in our diet. In general becoming kinder to our bodies & in return our bodies work more efficiently & we feel so much better in body mind & spirit. This is the season for eating treats & more luxurious foods, now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, before we move into Christmas celebrations & all that has to offer us I challenge you to make a few small changes, yes we have probably all over eaten over the last few days no matter what our ages but that doesn't mean we have to carry on that way until January 1st. That's a sure way to pack on the pounds. After reading this get up, go & clean out the fridge from some of those left over treats, get rid of them, commit to making a healthy lunch/dinner & do your best to have as much of a clean eating week as you can. I'll be doing the same, join me, don't beat yourself up if you have a cookie or two but commit to eating cleaner, small changes add up, commit to move, come to yoga, walk outside, connect to nature, whatever helps you feel good. Choose to have a happy & healthy week.

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